Safe & Effective Malaria Vaccines for All
Vac4All offers a solution to the complex scientific challenge of developing safe, highly effective and affordable malaria vaccines with its unique scientific and technical assets:
  • Antigen selection based on human immunity to malaria
  • Proven safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of first-generation prototypes
  • Biomarker driven design (with development based on immunological mechanisms of protection in humans)
  • Technology platform with highly established safety profile and regulatory experience
  • Biofusion conjugate patented technology
  • Well-tolerated adjuvants
  • Text Hover
A biotech company entirely dedicated to the development of malaria vaccines

Our competitive edge stands on:
  • Our unique scientific strategy & approach used to discover our lead candidates 
  • A strategic alliance with Sanofi to safeguard registration and marketing
  • Lean management with a compact team of experienced in-house personnel
  • A large international network of highly capable group of collaborators with the expertise, infrastructure & capacity needed to maximize the chances of success