Vac4All Overview

Vac-4-All is a company that was created in December 2010 by Dr. Pierre Druilhe with the aim of capitalising on 25 years of experience in Malaria research, including pre-clinical work and clinical trials. Pierre is a Consultant Tropical Medicine Physician, and works as the Director of the Malaria Vaccine Development Laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The objective of the company is to produce a vaccine that will protect people against the most important, and deadly, form of Malaria - Plasmodium falciparum. A unique clinical approach has been used to identify promising vaccine products, which have first been tested in sophisticated non-human primate models, before safety and effectiveness of the products was confirmed in human clinical trials.

The structure of the company is based around Clinical Development, relying on a small number of highly experienced staff.

It is currently conducting two Phase II Vaccine Efficacy Trials, with two distinct and promising Vaccine candidate molecules - MSP3 and PEBS.

Vac-4-All holds the intellectual property for the 3 main Malaria vaccines currently under development.

The trials are designed to show - within the shortest time-frame possible - if the vaccines provide true protection to humans against Malaria.